Aaron 'TEEJAY' Trevena (hashbangperl) wrote,

London Perl Workshop 2008

On saturday I made the trip from my house in Cornwall to the Perl Workshop in London, and back : 2 flights (newquay to stansted, gatwick to newquay), some trains, tubes and walking.

Unfortunately I arrived later (due to delays at stansted) than planned and got into the Arbyte talk just as the 'Any Questions' slide flicked onto the screen. It improved a bit after that, and I really enjoyed the debugging and badger power talks, the Logging and profiling talks were also pretty good and I managed to video a couple of talks - but both of those were also recorded to video anyway so will probably delete them again.

Between talks, I managed to talk to Ed from Nestoria and Leo from Foxtons, both of whom shared what could be very useful info on caching, profiling and stuff - and caught up with Joel and had a chat about recruitment and my potential recruitment startup.

Finally - I picked up 2 books from the O Reilly store and headed off to gatwick for my flight back home.

While at Newquay and Gatwick I managed to spend some time hacking Padre, and now have a skeleton plugin for NYTProf and an outlined API for keybindings, I didn't get to hack on Maypole though.
Tags: lpw, lpw2008, padre, perl
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