Aaron 'TEEJAY' Trevena (hashbangperl) wrote,

Felicity J Lord - Dodgy, unprofessional and shambolic

I'm trying to calm myself down after my unwarrented and unexpected dealings with this shower of amateurs... yesterday I received a letter (apparently sent by mistake by their automated accounting system - but quite how it managed to print, put it in an envelope, frank it and post it to me, I don't know) from these muppets demanding 750 quid in 7 days or they would instruct solicitors to start procedings towards a CCJ.

This came as a surprise for several reasons - firstly, the person I guarantored moved out a while ago, gave notice (in writing, in person, to both landlord and agency) well in advance, returned keys, provided receipt for professional cleaning after moving out, and was of course entirely up to date with rent and awaiting the return of the deposit, which had been authorised by the landlord.

This also came as a surprise to the manager of the branch, given that she had readvertised it and somebody there had updated their systems that the tennancy had ended. To her credit, the branch manager acknowledged the mistake and was apologetic to the tennant (although not to me) and said she'd get it sorted out.

It being south london, "There was some kind of mistake with the accounting, I'll give them a call, sorry about that" over the phone to the tennant is the end of the matter - nobody bothered contacting me again, and the only reason the tennant knew of a problem was because we called to check there wasn't a problem with the payments going through. Nobody thought to offer a written apology or correction, or even confirm that the problem with their accounting department had been resolved.

Apparently, I shouldn't call anybody and complain, despite their accounting people jumping not only to the wrong conlusion, but failing to contact anybody until now, and with legal threats to me directly - and apparently I shouldn't have spent any time going through the details with the tennant and checking how this happened and that it is resolved satisfactorily.

So now I'm waiting for somebody from F J Lord to call me, apologise, explain how this happen and confirm that they have sent an apology and correction by registered post to both me and the tennant - unfortunately this is pretty unlikely.

The dodgy bit I mentioned in the title is in regards to how they deal with guarantors - I would advise anybody to avoid any financial dealings with them, especially as guarantors - they way they bullied, lied and cajoled the tennant and I into signing a very one-sided agreement made me very angry, but at the time I didn't want to leave the the tennant stuck finding accomodation at short notice.
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